The Robert Sorby TurnMaster is the first tool in the world to combine three cutting edge technologies in one flexible tool.
Cutters are available in tungsten carbide, titanium nitride (TiN) and high speed steel (HSS) providing unsurpassed range to woodturners at every level.

An unprecedented collection of parts and cutters make it the most versatile and value added single tool concept on the market today.
Among its many features TurnMaster incorporates a patented interchangeable cutter head that locks into three positions allowing for simple scraping and shear scraping options.


  • All cutters interchangeable with one tool
  • Indexable, patented cutting head for shear scraping
  • Interchangeable cutter head – no need to buy whole new tool
  • Flat underside for stability
  • High tensile torx screw/ key for quick cutter release

The handled version is is 525mm (20 5/8") in length
The unhandled version i.e. the shank and head is 270 mm (10 5/8")
For those who wish to turn their own handle the diameter and length of the tang are as follows:

Diameter is 13mm (1/2")
Length of tang is 55mm (2 1/8")

TurnMaster - formats and optional extras

The TurnMaster is available in a variety of formats giving the woodturner a choice no other tool manufacturer provides. It is available in handled or non-handled versions The two tables below describe the various formats for the tool and its accessories. The first identifies the available versions of the TurnMaster including optional extras. The second table shows the various cutters available and a description of their uses.

Ref Version
RSTM-SCT1 TurnMaster Shank + round Tungsten Carbide cutter
RSTM-SCT2 TurnMaster Shank + detail point Tungsten Carbide cutter
RSTM-SCT3 TurnMaster Shank + square Tungsten Carbide cutter
RSTM-HCT1 TurnMaster Handled + round Tungsten Carbide cutter
RSTM-HCT2 TurnMaster Handled + detail point Tungsten Carbide cutter
RSTM-HCT3 TurnMaster Handled + square Tungsten Carbide cutter
RSTM-CT1 Tungsten Carbide Round cutter
RSTM-CT2 Tungsten Carbide Detail point cutter
RSTM-CT3 Tungsten Carbide Square cutter
RSTM-ST123 TurnMaster Shank + HSS cutters Nos. 1, 2 & 3
RSTM-HT123 TurnMaster Handled + HSS cutters Nos. 1, 2 & 3
RSTM-TIP1 HSS Round cutter
RSTM-TIP2 HSS Detail point cutter
RSTM-TIP3 HSS Square cutter
RSTM-TIP4 HSS French curve / inside cutter
RSTM-TIP5 HSS Box / Dovetail cutter
RSTM-TIP6 HSS Teardrop / inside / outside cutter
RSTM-TIP7 HSS Mushroom cutter
RSTM-GT1 Excelsior Round cutter
RSTM-GT2 Excelsior Detail point cutter
RSTM-GT3 Excelsior Square cutter
RSTM-GT4 Excelsior French curve / inside cutter
RSTM-GT5 Excelsior Box / Dovetail cutter
RSTM-GT6 Excelsior Teardrop / inside / outside cutter
RSTM-GT7 Excelsior Mushroom cutter
RSTM-HEAD TurnMaster head only - no cutter
RSTM-TH TurnMaster cutter holder for sharpening

TurnMaster... the tool with the vision to educate and inspire

In addition to an instruction sheet, we have also produced an informative short film describing how to use the tool to get best results. This clip also provides an insight into the materials the Robert Sorby TurnMaster has to offer and why we used them. To view the clip, please click on the following image:

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