patriot chuck
The new Patriot lathe chuck is the latest new product from Robert Sorby. It comes after many years of experience in selling, marketing and distributing another chuck. Hence the design incorporates all the key features which turners look for in a scroll chuck:
- compact design which does not strain lathe bearings yet is ideal for all sizes of project
- inserted system so there is a size to fit almost every lathe
- all jaws are perfectly matched so there is no need for tiresome number matching
- the single key operation with positive location requires only the lightest of touches
- key is articulated to allow access behind large projects
- true compression angles on drive and driven gear ensure smooth operation every time
- jaws stops prevent slides from working loose
- wide selection of useful jaws give additional versatility
- jaws dovetailed on inside and outside face
- additional serrated teeth on jaws give extra grip (see below)
- enclosed back protects gearing against dust
- backplate is removable for easy maintenance and cleaning
- comes complete with 2" jaws and woodscrew
- English instruction manual supplied

As we were starting with a clean sheet of paper, there were no compromises in the design of this new chuck. These chucks are all made in Sheffield, England and come with unrivalled Robert Sorby after-sales service. Ref. RSPC plus thread size.

Available thread sizes
¾" x 16 7/8" x 16 1" x 8
1.1/4" x 8 1" x 10 1" x 12
¾" x 10 1" x 10 left hand 7/8" x 12 left hand
1.1/8 x 12 1.3/8" x 6 1.1/2" x 6
1.1/2" x 8 18mm x 2.5 20mm x 1.5
20mm x 2 25mm x 2 24mm x 3
30mm x 1.5 30mm x 3.5 33mm x 3.5
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RSJ1 pictureRSJ1
1" Jaws. With a fine internal and external dovetail, these 1" jaws areperfect for gripping miniature projects
  RSJ15  pictureRSJ15
1.3/8" Jaws. Designed for smaller projects like boxes and bowls up to 6".
2.3/4" Jaws. For larger projects and bowls up to 13" where a little extra grip is required.
  RSJ1 4 pictureRSJ4
3.1/2" Jaws. Intended for bowls up to 16" needing substantial holding power.
RSJ5 pictureRSJ5
4.1/4" Jaws. These jaws enable a much bigger recess or spigot to be held and are hence designed for bowls and platters over 16"
  RSJDG pictureRSJDG
Deep Grip Jaws.The deep sides of these jaws make them ideal for large logs or awkward pieces of wood. They come with both internal and external dovetails to hold cumbersome pieces securely.
RSJP pictureRSJP
1" Pin Jaws. The extra length of these jaws makes them suitable for awkward pieces of wood like burrs. Dovetailed on the inside and outside they are ideal for small projects or tall turned items like pepper-mills.
  RSJBR pictureRSJBR
Bowl Reversing Jaws. Designed for finishing the outside and foot of a bowl. Lightweight, but extremely strong solid aluminium construction with 10 different location points to hold a variety of sizes of bowl. Rubber grips hold the project in place without causing damage.Maximum bowl diameter 9". 10" capacity over bed bars.
Long Nose Jaws.These jaws have a reach of 4" allowing bowls to be remounted internally. The shape of the jaws allows easy access to the back of the project. Dovetailed internally and externally for extra versatility.
  RSJC pictureRSJC
Custom Jaws. Made from high quality nylon, these jaws can to shaped using regular turning tools to create a shape to meet the needs of a specific project.

FPR120 picture3.1/8" - FPR80, 4.3/4" - FPR120
Face Plate Rings.The design of these rings incorporates a 2" dovetail to fit standard 2" Patriot jaws. They work like ordinary face plates but are much more straightforward and convenient to fit. Available in two sizes: 3.1/8" outer diameter for smaller projects and 4.3/4" for larger ones.

649 picture649
Mini Screw Chuck.An inexpensive screw chuck ideal for those miniature projects. The chuck fits neatly into the jaws of the Patriot chuck.
STBCHUCK picture½" - STBCHUCK13,
7/8" - STBCHUCK,
1.1/4"- STBCHUCK32
Using the same principles as the original patented Stebcentre the Steb Drive conveniently fits in the jaws of a Patriot chuck. Its serrated teeth and spring-loaded centre pin create an unparalleled grip on wood.

  RSPDC pictureRSPDC
Drive Centre. A simple but highly effective four-prong drive which fits directly into the jaws of the Patriot chuck.

RSWC pictureRSWC
The Wobble Chuck is an inexpensive introduction to off-centre or eccentric turning, the Wobble Chuck fits in the standard 2" jaws of the Patriot chuck in the same manner as a faceplate ring. The workpiece can be held by three screws - like a faceplate - or by a single wood screw - like a screw chuck - or by both means. It is then off-set by rotating the upper section of the Wobble Chuck. Ideal for goblets with off-set stems. A great opportunity to experiment with novel projects.
  RSJZ pictureRSJZ Zero Jaws
These innovative jaws allow the turning of extremely fine, detailed pieces like lace bobbins as they close right down. The unique dome shape enables the turner to work close to his project. At the same time the dome can be used for internal gripping of larger projects without the fear of marking.
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