Tapered Bolster and Ferrule Bevel Edge Butt Chisel

The shorter butt chisels are popular in the USA and Canada where woodworkers find them extremely useful for manipulating cuts in tight and difficult to access places. Their shorter blade and easy to grip handle allow for excellent control and sit nicely in the palm of the hand.
Available in traditional and tapered styles our Sheaf River range comes in full size versions too. Woodworkers might prefer the longer handle associated with the traditional tools or the shorter handle offered by the tapered versions – which are currently undergoing a resurgence in popularity.
We named the range after the river Sheaf which runs beside the factory and is famous the world over for its 400 year association with the steel industry and the city of Sheffield – which is also named after it.
American Ash handles provide the balance and strength between timber and steel, ash’s natural properties providing the essential ingredients to help absorb vibration and shock – which is why it’s the material of choice for baseball bats. Its strength to weight ratio is excellent and its ability to bend without breaking makes it a great material for woodworking tools.

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Code Description/Type Size (in) Size (mm) Blade Length (in) Overall Length (in) Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
F57006E ¼" 6mm 3½" 8" 40 570
F57025E 1" 25mm 3½" 8" 40 570
F57010E ⅜" 10mm 3½" 8" 40 570
E5704ST Set 4 - contains ¼in, ½in, ¾in, 1in 40 4570
F57013E ½" 13mm 3½" 8" 40 570
E5705ST Set 5 - contains all sizes 40 5570
F57019E ¾" 19mm 3½" 8" 40 570