12 Tool Modular Micro Set

This set of 12 modular micro tools encompasses a range of the most popular micro woodturning blades. Great for a range of projects including spindle turning, hollowing and beading.

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Code Description/Type Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
A888HS12T 888 Aluminium Handle 888/1 Micro ½" (13mm) Roughing Gouge 888/3 Micro 1/16" (2mm) Parting Tool 888/4 Micro ½" (13mm) Gouge 888/5 Micro 5/32" (4mm) Beading and Parting Tool 888/6 Micro Boring Tool 888/7 Micro Swan Neck Hollowing Tool 888/8 Micro ¼" (6mm) Skew 888/9 Micro Round Nose Scraper 888/10 Micro Curved Undercut Scraper 888/11 Micro French Curve Scraper 888/12 Micro Diamond Undercut Scraper 867 Spindle Gouge ¼" (6mm) 17 888HS12T

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