This modular tool rest system enables the turner to build up a collection of tool rests without going to great expense. Six different rests are available: 4", 6" and 9" as well as a 9" curved internal and external and a box platform which can be used in conjunction with just one stem.
Cross bars are specially hardened to avoid those troublesome nicks and to give a smooth finish.
Stems are available in ½", ⅝", ¾", ⅞", 1", 25mm, 28mm and 30mm diameters to fit most popular lathes. The same stems are compatible with the Precision Boring System.

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Code Description/Type Size (in) Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
L766-4 4" Crossbar 4" 37 766/4
L766-6 6" Crossbar 6" 37 766/6
L766-9 9" Crossbar 9" 37 766/9
L767 9" Internal Bowl Crossbar 9" 37 767
L767E 9" External Bowl Crossbar 9" 37 767E
L768 Box Scraper Platform 37 768