TurnMaster Tungsten Carbide Sets

Providing choice and flexibility in one easy to handle tool.
The Robert Sorby TurnMaster is the first tool in the world to combine three cutting edge technologies in one flexible system.
Now woodturners can choose between tungsten carbide, titanium nitride and high speed steel cutters and decide what material best suits the way they work.
Designed to quickly and easily complete many popular projects, the TurnMaster has been a huge success with both novices and experienced turners. Its unprecedented collection of parts and cutters making it the most versatile and value added single tool concept on the market today.

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Code Description/Type Sovereign Compatible Handled Version Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
RSTM-HCT123 TurnMaster Handled plus the Round, Detail Point and Square Tungsten Carbide Cutters 12 RSTM-HCT123
RSTM-HCT1 TurnMaster Handled plus Round Tungsten Carbide Cutter 12 RSTM-HCT1
RSTM-HCT2 TurnMaster Handled plus Detail Point Tungsten Carbide Cutter 12 RSTM-HCT2
RSTM-HCT3 TurnMaster Handled plus Square Tungsten Carbide Cutter 12 RSTM-HCT3
RSTM-SCT1 TurnMaster Shank plus Round Tungsten Carbide Cutter Yes 12 RSTM-SCT1
RSTM-SCT2 TurnMaster Unhandled plus Carbide Detail Point Cutter Yes No 12 RSTM-SCT2
RSTM-SCT3 TurnMaster Unhandled plus Carbide Square Cutter Yes No 12 RSTM-SCT3
RSTM-SCT123 TurnMaster Shank plus 3 Carbide Cutters Yes RSTM-SCT123