Round End Swivel Tip – High Speed Steel

The Robert Sorby Round End Swivel Tip is an excellent choice for removing waste material very quickly – especially undercutting. A true work horse designed for the multi-tip hollowing tool but suitable for a range of Robert Sorby tools (see below)
This cutter is also available in Robert Sorby’s Excelsior (titanium nitride coated high speed steel) series.
Use a diamond file or honing stone flat across the face. To gain best results and increase the longevity of the cutter this simple procedure should be done little and often.
If the cutter gets chipped use the 472 cutter holder to reshape the profile on the Robert Sorby ProEdge or on a grinding wheel.
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This cutter is designed for use with the following tools:

  • Multi-tip Hollowing Tool (RS200KT and RS200)

  • RS 2000 Deep Hollowing System

  • Swivel Tip Probe (8803H)

  • Hollowmaster (RS230KT, SOV-RS230, SOV-RS340)

For more information:

  • Download our sharpening guide here

  • Watch the Robert Sorby film on sharpening hints and tips

  • Look at our guide to sharpening abrasives

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RS211C Round End Swivel Tip 22 RS211C