Thread Cutters

Thread cutters come in pairs and include a tool for exterior threads and one for cutting matching interior threads. Perfectly designed for making screw tight lids on boxes and caskets, this fascinating and practical aspect of woodturning includes a range of cutting tools that have been produced from High Speed Steel in 10, 16 and 20 threads per inch (TPI). They have been designed with a unique, enhanced helix angle specially designed for use in wood.
To complement these tools, a range of optional items have been produced to provide a complete solution to thread cutting. These include:

  • Relief Cutting Tool.

  • Tool Support Rest – to make forming internal threads easier.

  • Thread and Sizing Gauge – takes all the guesswork out of dimensioning.

  • Focus on Specialist Woodturning Tools Part 3 DVDD – includes a range of projects

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Code Description/Type Handled Version Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
B890100 No 28 890/10
B890101 Pair of Thread Cutters - 10tpi Yes 28 890H/10
B890160 No 28 890/16
B890161 Pair of Thread Cutters - 16tpi Yes 28 890H/16
B890200 No 28 890/20
B890201 Pair of Thread Cutters - 20tpi Yes 28 890H/20

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