Swan Neck Hollowing Tools

The individual shape of these tools makes them suitable for blind turning or under cutting where reach is restricted. The 14" version (851H) is designed for end grain use on shallower depth projects whilst the slightly larger model (855H) allows for greater reach. The 24" version (859H) is produced from a more substantial section steel, and is more suitable for both end grain and side grain working. These tools are used by placing the round bar of the tool shank (directly behind the swan neck) against the tool rest. The 851H can be used in conjunction with wall thicknessing gauge (854).

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Code Length Min. Aperture Max. Project Cutter Fitted Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
B855003 20" ½” 5½” 851C – General purpose 21 855H
B859004 24" 5/8” 7” RS232C – Bullet, RS233C – Ball end 21 859H

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