RS2000 Deep Hollowing System

The RS2000 System is a tried and trusted method of deep vessel hollowing. This flexible system can be used in a number of modes. Firstly, it is a very safe and effective means of hollowing deep vessels through narrow openings. At the same time it can be used for coning - producing a series of bowls from the same blank with a minimum of waste wood.
This same method enables picture frames and other large rings to be made. Included in the complete system is a chattertool assembly which enhances end grain by creating a myriad of different decorative effects. The RS2000 is available as a complete system (RS2000) with twenty components as indicated below in a wooden case or as a basic system (RS2001) which is identical to the complete system except for the elimination of the chattertool components.
Alternatively components may be purchased individually to suit the turner’s requirements. The RS2000 is supplied with a comprehensive eight-page instructional manual full of useful guidance and illustrations.

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Code Description/Type Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
RS2001 Basic System (includes † and RS211, RS211C, RS212C, RS222, RS223, RS223S, RS224, RS225) 25 RS2001
RS2000 Complete System (includes * and RS211, RS211C, RS212C, RS215, RS215C, RS220, RS221, RS222, RS223, RS223S, RS224, RS225) 25 RS2000

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