Texturing Tool

Woodturner Tracy Owen has won many prizes with his textured bowls. The unique Robert Sorby Texturing Tool (310H) allows every woodturner to share his secrets by giving their work that added value and individuality which these effects bring.
The Texturing Tool enables the turner to alter the visual and tactile qualities of a work piece by creating striations, whorls, an orange peel effect and more. Let your imagination run wild.
Fitted with an interchangeable cutter, the Texturing Tool is just as effective on soft as on hard woods - although the result can be markedly different. The Robert Sorby Texturing Tool not only brings turned pieces to life, it gives hours of pleasure. Also available unhandled for the Sovereign System.

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Code Description/Type Sovereign Compatible Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
B310S Unhandled Texturing Tool (includes 350/0 Texturing Cutter), uses SOV-C13 Collet Yes 30 310S
B310 Texturing Tool (includes 350/0 Texturing Cutter) 30 310H

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