Round Skew Chisel

Intended for use on spindle work. Lightweight, making them highly manoeuvrable. Ideal for production work. Can be used on fine, detailed projects up to larger functional work to produce beads, coves, highlights and other details.

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Code Description/Type Sovereign Compatible Handled Version Size (in) Size (mm) Handle Length (in) Overall Length (in) Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
B813061 Round Skew HSS ¼" Handled Yes Yes ¼" 6mm 8½" 14" 5 813H
B813060 Round Skew HSS ¼" Unhandled No ¼" 6mm 5 813
B813102 Round Skew HSS ⅜" Handled Yes Yes ⅜" 10mm 10" 16" 5 813H
B813100 Round Skew HSS ⅜" Unhandled No ⅜" 10mm 5 813
B813133 Round Skew HSS ½" Handled Yes Yes ½" 13mm 5 813H
B813130 Round Skew HSS ½" Unhandled No ½" 13mm 5 813