The original Stebcentre is an invaluable accessory for every woodturner. Fitted in the lathe head-stock it is a boon for both the novice and the experienced.
Its ring of sharp teeth ensure that the Stebcentre bites the wood to give more security and more drive. Because there are several points of contact there is minimal risk of splitting. The Stebcentre can be used with equal confidence on both soft and hardwoods as well as synthetic materials.
In its patented design the Stebcentre also features a spring-loaded point. By slightly backing off the tail-stock the work piece still remains resting between the revolving centre and the Stebcentre. This allows the turner to inspect his work without the need to switch off the lathe. Where time is a critical factor the Stebcentre is ideal as the work-piece can be quickly removed without stopping the lathe.
Overall length: 4".
Patent No. 2286138

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Code Description/Type Head Size Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
LSTB332 3 Morse Taper 1¼" 36 STB332
LSTB200 2 Morse Taper ⅞" 36 STB200
LSTB150 1 Morse Taper ½" 36 STB150
LSTB132 1 Morse Taper 1¼" 36 STB132
LSTB100 1 Morse Taper ⅞" 36 STB100
LSTB232 2 Morse Taper 1¼" 36 STB232
LSTB250 2 Morse Taper ½" 36 STB250