Revolving Stebcentre

Largely inspired by Norwegian turner Petter Herud a series of Revolving (or Live) Stebcentres has been introduced. Not only do these offer the same degree of security as the conventional Stebcentre, but they have allowed the turner to experiment with basic off-centre turning.
Visit to download instructions on how to produce multi-sided dishes and bowls.

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Code Description/Type Head Size Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
LRCSTB232 2 Morse Taper 1¼" 36 RCSTB232
LRCSTB100 1 Morse Taper ⅞" 36 RCSTB100
LRCSTB200 2 Morse Taper ⅞" 36 RCSTB200
LRCSTB132 1 Morse Taper 1¼" 36 RCSTB132
LRCSTB250 2 Morse Taper ½" 36 RCSTB250