12 Tool Carving Set

A range of tools that cover everything the carver really needs to get going. This set of 12 tools has been carefully selected from the hundreds of sweeps on the Sheffield List for their wide application and usefulness.
Beautifully crafted these tools come pre-sharpened and are ready for use straight out of the box. A total of 24 chisels, gouges, veiners and V Tools are available in the Robert Sorby standard carving tool range.
Tools included: P600110 Square Chisel ⅜" (10mm), P600203 Skew Chisel ⅛" (3mm), P600406 Straight Gouge ¼" (6mm), P600419 Straight Gouge ¾" (19mm), P600503 Straight Gouge ⅛" (3mm), P600513 Straight Gouge ½" (13mm), P600610 Straight Gouge ⅜" (10mm), P600819 Straight Gouge ¾" (19mm), P601101 Veiner 1/16" (2mm), P601419 Bent Gouge ¾" (19mm), P602710 Spoon Bit Gouge ⅜" (10mm), P603906 V Parting Tool ¼" (6mm).

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612A Set of 12 Carving Tools 39 612A