Standard Parting Tool

Used to part the finished project off from the waste material, the parallel sides make for a rigid tool that handles well. The ⅛" – 3mm tool reduces the amount of waste, vital if using an expensive wood. It also makes for a fine detailing tool, e.g. beads and fillets.

We recommend applying a light oil to the blades when not in use to keep them in perfect condition.

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Code Description/Type Sovereign Compatible Handled Version Size (in) Size (mm) Handle Length (in) Overall Length (in) Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
B830031 Standard Tool HSS ⅛" Handled Yes Yes ⅛" 3mm 8½" 13½" 5 830H
B830030 Standard Tool HSS ⅛" Unhandled No No ⅛" 3mm 5 830
B830062 Standard HSS ¼" Handled No Yes ¼" 6mm 10" 17" 5 830H
B830060 Standard HSS ¼" Unhandled No No ¼" 6mm 5 830