Ball End Cutter – High Speed Steel

The Robert Sorby Ball End Cutter 804C01 is designed for the smooth shaping on the inside of bowls, vases and hollow forms. It delivers the same smooth surfaces and is designed for the same purposes as the RS233C Ball End cutter but supports a different tool range. The two are not interchangeable.
This cutter is one of 14 that support a range of tools and offer incredible flexibility to the turner.
Use a diamond file or honing stone flat across the top face. To gain best results and increase the longevity of the cutter this simple procedure should be done little and often.
Sharpening can be achieved with the cutter mounted on the tool.
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This cutter is designed for use with the following tools:

  • Box Hollower (803H)

  • Mushroom Tool (804H)

  • Captive Ring Tool (805H)

For more information:

  • Download our sharpening guide here

  • Watch the Robert Sorby film on sharpening hints and tips

  • Look at our guide to sharpening abrasives

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