Spiralling Tool

Creating barley twists, spirals and flutes has always represented a problem for the woodturner.
The Spiralling System (330H) not only overcomes many of these difficulties, but also allows the turner’s imagination to run wild as he enters a new field of decoration.
Based on the same principle as the texturing tool, it is simple to use even in the hands of a novice - but still comes with instructions and ideas on further use.
The built-in rest allows the work to be approached at a variety of angles - graduations on the rest ensure repeatability. The degree of off-set determines the pitch of the spiral.
Another variation is introduced with the addition of three different cutters which can also be used for texturing. From these the turner can either produce amongst other works fine spirals on the stem of a delicate goblet, chequered designs, rope effect twists, heavy patterns on boxes, spindles or candlesticks as well as around the base. The 330H and 330S come with four cutters whilst the 320H and 320S are the same tool but with a single cutter (see table).
It is also possible to up-grade a texturing tool to create spirals by the purchase of the tool rest (360) and an appropriate cutter.
The Spiralling and Texturing tools are shown to full effect in the Robert Sorby Focus on Decorative Techniques DVD (RSDVDDT).
If your requirement is for finer spirals we also have a micro spiralling tool (ref 370A). Also available unhandled for the Sovereign System.

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Code Description/Type Sovereign Compatible Handled Version Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
B320 Spiralling Tool (includes 350/4 Cutter) 30 320
B320S Unhandled Spiralling Tool (includes 350/4 Cutter), uses SOV-C13 Collet Yes No 30 320S
B330 Spiralling System complete with 4 cutters - 350/0, 350/2, 350/4, 350/6 and 360 Tool Rest 30 330
B330S Unhandled Spiralling System complete with 4 cutters - 350/0, 350/2, 350/4, 350/6 and 360 Tool Rest. Uses SOV-C13 Collet. Yes No 30 330S

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